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The timeline begins (as the world began) with creation.

This timeline is based on a Creation Science view of a 6,000 year old earth. The first page is dated Creation to 4100BC for those who would like an older earth, but the second page begins with 4000 BC to coincide with some old Bibles that give a 4,004 date as the beginning year.


The pages are blank except for dates and a quote on each page from someone who lived during that period. The pages will be filled information and pictures that correspond with your student's studies.

At first there are 500 years per page, but at 2,000BC it switches to 100 years per page. This continues until 1400 AD when there are only 50 years per page. Twenty-five years per page are started in the 1500's, until we reach the 1600's when we have only 20 years per page and from the 1700's and on there are only 10 years per page. This is of course done because we know so much more of historical events in the later years.

Some examples of pages are below. Please bear in mind that the pictures look much clearer than they are represented here.

It is wonderful to start a timeline with a child's education, but can be started at any point to journal their studies. If starting with a young child, one hint would be to have them write the event or person's name that is being entered into the timeline on a separate piece of paper. Many things could be written on the same sheet, then reduced in size, cut out and glued into the timeline to reserve space.

How do you pick an ending date when only God knows? We must live on one hand like the world could end today with Jesus returning, on the other hand we do plan for the future. The date picked to end the book is 2029, as the education for most students using the book today will be completed by that time.




The page will become interesting as the student glues illustrations from the back of the book into the appropriate pages and also writes titles of books that are read to go along with that time period. There will not be pictures for everything studied, and the 20th century pictures will have to be obtained elsewhere because of copyright laws.



The name for this book is "A Timeline for All Time". This is an awesome thought and it is hoped that the student will come to realize that although not everyone who has lived will be "important" enough to be placed on their timeline; everyone who has lived is on God's timeline, and God's timeline never ends.